Seasonal cupcakes

Spring themed cupcakes

Spring cupcakes

Lemon cupcakes with lemon fondant icing

12 Earl Grey cupcakes topped with lemon buttercream and decorated with a garden theme
Summer garden cupcakes

Earl Grey cupcakes topped with a lemon buttercream

Halloween cupcakes

Red Velvet cupcakes with a raspberry jam filling and topped with vanilla buttercream

Bonfire Night cupcake

Lemon cupcake with a lemon buttercream swirl

Lemon and passion fruit cupcakes topped with a piped blue butter cream rose swirl, piped clouds and a rainbow belt sweet
Rainbow cupcake
Lemon cupcake filled with passion fruit curd and iced with lemon buttercream
Christmas cupcake topped with a fondant Rudolf the reindeer head picture
4 Christmas pudding themed cupcakes

Christmas cupcakes
Christmas flavoured cupcakes - orange, lemon, spices and alcohol soaked dried fruit

Christmas trees cupcakes

Lemon cupcakes with a lemon curd filling and lemon buttercream.

Lemon cupcakes topped with a pale blue buttercream swirl and fondant snowflakes

Winter themed cupcakes
Winter theme cupcake topped with buttercream snow and a fondant penguin cake topper

Winter themed cupcakes

3 cupcakes topped with fondant snowmen headsLemon buttercream cupcake topped with white buttercream snow and a fondant snowman character

Winter themed cupcakes

Winter themed cupcakes

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