Monday, 10 December 2012

More Christmas present ideas for bakers

My kitchen cupboards may be overflowing but there are still more bits and bobs that I would like to fuel my baking habit. Here are some of the things on my Christmas List this year:


This has fantastic reviews on Amazon and appears to be a fairly comprehensive guide to cake decorating. 

100 Fondant Models for Cake Decorators: Designs for Special Celebrations

There seems to be lots and lots of books doing  this type of thing but this one seems to be more comprehensive than others and has good reviews.

 Lakeland Tilting Turntable

I've been finding icing tiered cakes difficult and so I really want one of these tilting turntables to help me get the edges beautifully smooth.

Sweetly Does It Cake Lifter

I only found this while browsing on Amazon but it seems like a great idea to help me move iced cakes from my new (hopefully) turntable to a cake tin or plate. 

Three-Tier Stackable Cooling Rack 39.5cm X 25cm

My kitchen is pretty small and things tend to end up all over the place when I'm cooking - a stacked cooling rack seems a sensible idea for when I'm cooking big batches of cakes or biscuits. This one has pretty good reviews on Amazon.


My Kitchen 12 Cup Mini Sandwich Tin

I'm a bit of a sucker for mini things and so love the idea of making mini sponges. I really rate Lakeland tins anyway so this one is definitely worth getting. 

Master Class Heavy Duty Macaroon Pan - 24 Cup

I had a go at making macaroons earlier this year - with mixed success. I'm keen to have another go and this tin seems like a great idea. 

Wilton 101-Piece Short Cookie Cutter Set 

A huge set of cookie cutters for a fairly bargainous price - you can't go far wrong!

Kitchen Craft Cookie Cutters, Leaf Shaped, Set of 7


Love these leaf-shaped cutters - next autumn, I really want to make pretty autumnal cupcakes and these would be brilliant! I'd also like the set of basic shapes

Alphabet Mini Cutters, the full set for Cookies, Icing, Sugarcraft & Cake Decoration

I've looked at Tappits etc, but these seem like they will be much easier to use - great for names etc. You can also buy a set of numbers. Be aware that these say that they are for cookies but they are pretty small so much better suited to sugarcraft. Worth a look around if you want to buy these - I saw some sets in TK Maxx (Cribbs Causeway) for about £6 today.

Pattern Edged Combs and Scraper

These are fairly cheap (£4.99 at the moment) and look fun to play with - adding patterns to buttercream on tiered cakes - will definitely need to be used with a turntable though!

Really Good Tin - Step away from the biscuit tin

Just because I love this range and I think this tin is fun! A lot of the tins I currently use are old chocolate tins so maybe it's time to get a proper one!

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