Saturday, 16 March 2013

Lemon and passion fruit cupcakes

6 lemon and passion fruit cupcakes decorated in a pink, white and blue colour scheme
As I was headed back home to Guernsey (affectionately known as the Rock) for the week and it was one of my oldest friend’s birthdays, I felt that I should make some cupcakes to take with me.  During a visit to our local garden centre (I know, I’m sooo middle-aged!), I found a delicious-sounding jar of passion fruit curd. I absolutely love passion fruit and so decided to give it a try.  I wasn’t sure about adding curd into a standard cupcake recipe and so decided to use it as a filling in lemon cupcakes. I followed my standard lemon cupcake recipe, simply replacing the lemon curd with the passion fruit curd.  If I had also found some fresh passion fruit, I’d have strained the juice to make passion fruit buttercream, but, as I didn’t, I stuck with lemon buttercream.

This curd is delicious and worked brilliantly with the lemon cupcakes – they even got my dad’s seal of approval!
Lemon and passionfruit cupcake decorated with embossed fondant icing
I wanted to create some fairly bright and modern cupcakes and so decided on a fairly bright pink, blue and white colour scheme.  I also wanted to use my “Live, Laugh, Love” embosser (from this set) and so started with these. The flower-covered cakes were a nice, simple design to do and I decided to do the last two cupcakes with a patchwork covering (for instructions on how to do the patchwork decoration – see this blogpost).   

The photos aren’t that good this time as they were taken rather hurriedly while waiting for the taxi to arrive to take me to the airport! But overall, I was fairly pleased with how these cakes turned out. They did get a little squashed on the plane journey over to Guernsey but they just about survived in a respectable condition!

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