Saturday, 24 November 2012

12 fab finds for Christmas baking / Christmas gifts for bakers

Christmas is rapidly approaching and so it is definitely time for a scout around the online shops to see what I need for festive baking this year.  I’m more than a little addicted to baking equipment – it’s gradually taking over the whole kitchen! I also have a separate box of Christmas baking equipment that comes down from the loft at this time of year, but there’s always room for a few more things! Here are some of the bits and bobs that I’ve found this year: 


Love these! They come in a nice solid box and would be a nice gift for a keen baker. I’m going to be using them for Christmas cookies and for cutting out fondant to decorate my Christmas cakes.

I love plunger cutters – I have quite a collection of these already but could resist adding this set! I would definitely recommend getting sets of these on Amazon or Ebay – they’re quite expensive in Hobbycraft / Lakeland etc but can be bought relatively cheaply if you get them as a set online. 

Ok – slightly cheating as I have had these a couple of years, but I love them and would highly recommend! They can be used to make beautiful and intricate cookies, or to cut fondant icing to make great decorations for cakes.

You can buy this spray in lots of places and it is great fun to add a sparkly gold finish to cakes and cookies.


There are loads of cupcake cases out there but I really rate the Culpitt range – they are much better quality than most and keep their colour and shape better than many others.

I’ve never used these and so I have no idea what they are like to use but I really like the look of them. Let me know what they’re like to use if you get some!

These aren’t actually designed for cake decorating but they work brilliantly. I haven’t got this set (although I am very tempted …) but I have used embossing plates with fondant before: it works brilliantly and gives very professional looking results.

Again, you can pick this up in lots of different places and in lots and lots of colours. I love this simple white glitter for adding a fab sparkly touch to snowy cakes.


This features on my Christmas list this year, but I’m very tempted to buy it myself beforehand! It is oven- and freezer-proof and can be used to make gingerbread or chocolate houses.

Not specifically designed for baking, so these aren’t “food-quality” but I’m hoping that these are a good size for filling with Christmas biscuits as gifts for friends and family.
I bought these at gone 11.00 on Thursday evening and they had arrived by this morning (Saturday) – so I’m really impressed.  As the seller states, these are much nicer than they look in the picture. Great for packaging baked goods as presents!  

Lakeland Christmas macaroon boxes

Not sure if I'm planning to make any macaroons for Christmas this year, but if I do, I'll be very tempted to buy these boxes - they're a little expensive but very cute!

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